Newsletter Issue 03/2020


                  Stay healthy and save!

In times like these, safety is a priority. Now we must take all a step back, in order to continue soon. At the moment we are dealing with urgent and important matters, which must take priority.

Please take care of yourself, your families, friends and colleagues!

RadioNet team


Coronavirus COVID-19

Operation of the RadioNet office, the RadioNet partners and collaborators (SKA, ALMA) is currently limited. To minimize the risks for staff, most employees are working remotely. The visits, events and also telescope operations are cancelled or on hold.

The following events supported by RadioNet have been postponed. Please note that events postponed to 2021 cannot be RadioNet supported, as the project ends in 2020. Please follow the links to the events and to our calendar. New dates will be reported ASAP:

• EPTA Collaboration Meeting - Ringberg/DE - originally 30.3-1.4.2020

• EVN TOG/GTG Meeting- Bonn/DE - originally 5-7.5.2020

• North-European Radio Astronomy School - Turku/FI - originally 25-29.5.2020



Important Announcement

The deadline of the following calls has been postponed (14.5.2020):

• H2020-INFRAIA-2020-1 (Topics INFRAIA-02 and INFRAIA-03)

• H2020-INFRAINNOV-2020-2 (Topics INFRAINNOV-03 and INFRAINNOV-04)

• H2020-INFRASUPP-2020-2 (Topic INFRASUPP-02)


EU rapid response to the coronavirus outbreak

The EC launched under the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) fast track call for research proposals in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the coming weeks, the selected projects will start their work. A commitment from the pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach a total investment up to €90 million. More.


Advisory Panel on COVID-19 launched

The EC has launched on March 17 a team of scientific experts to formulate EU guidelines and risk mitigation. The panel will formulate advises among other on coordinated steps against spreading of COVID-19 and also recommendation of policy measures for addressing and mitigating long-term consequences of COVID-19. More



RadioNet's Transnational Access programme ensures free of charge access to the best European radio astronomical research infrastructures. This opportunity is open to all European researchers and to some extent to researchers from non-EU countries. More


Virtual Access to ALTA

The Westerbork Apertif Long Term Archive (ALTA) is a brand new facility offering to the world-wide astronomical community free virtual access to data and scientific products produced from all sky surveys of the Northern sky that will be conducted with the new Apertif frontend of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT), as well as tools to query, further exploit and perform data mining of these products adaptable to diverse research goals.





supported by RadioNet

• LOFAR4SW User Workshop - Warsaw/PL - on May 13, 2020

• 6. Workshop on CSS & GPS Radio Sources - Torun/PL - on June 9, 2020

• 15th EVN Symposium and User´s meeting - Cork/IR - on July 6, 2020

• CESRA2020 Summer School - Prague/CZ - on August 24, 2020

Links to these and to other related events are in our Calendar.



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