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Newsletter Issue 02/2023

Oxygen in Earth’s Higher Atmosphere - First detection of the atomic 18O isotope in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere of Earth

Oxygen in Earth’s Higher Atmosphere - First detection of the atomic 18O isotope in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere of Earth

In a new experiment, Helmut Wiesemeyer from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn/Germany and his colleagues have measured the 18O fraction of the upper mesosphere/lower thermosphere for the first time. They used the GREAT receiver aboard the airborne observatory SOFIA and found that the upper atmosphere has an 18O fraction close to that of the lower atmosphere.

Image: © Compilation: Helmut Wiesemeyer, created from: photo of atmospheric layers (NASA), SOFIA model (Stéphane Guisard & NIESYTO design), atomic nuclei (Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC); The higher layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. SOFIA observations were performed in the stratosphere at 13 to 14 km above the surface. The spectrum shows the column densities of oxygen lines of 16O and the heavier isotope 18O which were detected in absorption against the moon in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere.  

MeerKAT discovers a distant galaxy has very large hydrogen atoms

MeerKAT discovers a distant galaxy has very large hydrogen atoms

Using the MeerKAT radio telescope to study a distant galaxy towards PKS 1830-211, scientists discovered something unexpected: gas clouds made up of some of the largest hydrogen atoms in the universe, Rydberg atoms. It is the first time scientists observed these hydrogen atoms in a distant galaxy. 

Read the SARAO media release here.

Image: © ESA + K. Emig (https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2015/07/Gravitational_lensing)

Newsletter of AtLAST published

Newsletter of AtLAST published

The February 2023 newsletter of the Atacama Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (AtLAST) project has been issued. 

The ongoing EU-funded design study will deliver, in mid-2024, a full feasibility study that considers the technical, operational, environmental, and scientific challenges of building and operating AtLAST.

Image: © AtLAST




Horizon Europe - Research Infrastructures: European Commission signed grant agreements with 27 projects

Through Horizon Europe, the EC funds Research Infrastructures which allow researchers in Europe to conduct ground-breaking research and innovation. The European Commission will now invest €180 million and signed grant agreements with 27 projects to ensure European scientists can conduct ground-breaking research.

Commission announces plans for a Horizon Europe Office in Ukraine by mid-2023

On 2 February 2023, the Commission announced that a new Horizon Europe programme (HE) office is expected to open its doors in Kyiv in 2023. The office will provide support to the National Contact Points across Ukraine and strengthen research and innovation (R&I) networks between Ukrainian and European institutions. Read more here.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: International Day of Women & Girls in Science 2023

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions have a vital role in supporting Europe’s progress towards gender equality in research and innovation, With female researchers making up 42% of the programme.

On this year´s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, three MSCA fellows were introduced and asked about women leadership and empowerment in science.

IRAM Telescopes: Call for proposals open

IRAM Telescopes: Call for proposals open

The call is open for observing proposals on IRAM telescopes, both the NOEMA interferometer and the 30-meter telescope, for the summer semester 2023.

For both observatories, the scheduling period is June 01, 2023 to November 30, 2023. The 30-meter tele- scope will be upgraded in Summer 2023 with observations resuming in early October on a shared-risk basis.

Access/funding offered through the ORP (Opticon RadioNet Pilot) project.

Submission deadline: 16 March 2023; 17:00 CET (UT + 1 hour)

100-m Effelsberg radio telescope: Open call for proposals

100-m Effelsberg radio telescope: Open call for proposals

The call for proposals of the 100-m radio telescope (Effelsberg/DE) of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy is open.

Access/funding is offered through the ORP project.

Submission deadline: 01 June 2023 (15:00 UT)

Image: © N. Tacken (MPIfR)

ALMA Cycle 10 Pre-Announcement

ALMA Cycle 10 Pre-Announcement

A Call for Proposals (CfP) with detailed information on Cycle 10 is anticipated to be issued in April 2023, and the deadline for proposal submission will be in May 2023.  The purpose of this pre-announcement is to highlight aspects of the CfP to assist with early planning.

The anticipated proposal submission deadline for Cycle 10 is 10 May 2023. More here.

European ALMA Regional Centre

The European ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) provides the interface between the ALMA project and the European science community. The ARC is staffed by scientists with expertise in radio astronomy and interferometry and it supports its users throughout the lifetime of a project, from proposal preparation to data analysis. Users that want to visit an ARC node for a face-to-face visit can apply for funding through the ORP project. 

The Westerbork Apertif Long Term Archive (ALTA) offers to the world-wide astronomical community free virtual access to data and scientific products produced from all sky surveys of the Northern sky that will be conducted with the new Apertif frontend of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT), as well as tools to query, further exploit and perform data mining of these products adaptable to diverse research goals. The access/funding offered through the ORP project.

LOFAR Long Term Archive (LTA) is a long-established archive and access facility supporting the international LOFAR telescope. It is currently the largest radio astronomical archive in the world already exceeding 45 PB from LOFAR’s past 10 years of operations. The LTA provides a central and key resource for all observed LOFAR astronomical science programs where the data become public within 12 months of first creation. The access/funding is offered through the ORP project.



• The University of Central Lancashire – Full time PhD studentships in Astrophysics – position – deadline 28.02.2023

• NRF/SARAO –Senior Commercialisation Specialist – position – deadline 07.03.2023

• University of Warwick – Research Fellow – position – deadline 08.03.2023 

• The University of Tokyo – Project Assistant Professor / Cosmic Ray Research – position – deadline 10.03.2023

• University of Bonn – W2 tenure-track professorship in astronomy/astrophysics – position – deadline 15.03.2023

• University of Leicester – Research Associate position in Time-Domain Observational Astrophysics – position – deadline 19.03.2023  

• MPIfR – M2FINDERS/postdoctoral position (m/f/x) in radio astronomy – position

• ESO – Engineering Internship – position – deadline 31.12.2023, Internship: Science Communication – position – deadline 31.12.2023

• Green Bank Observatory – Scientific Data Analyst  position West Virginia/US

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• 2023 ORP Proposal Writing School – 20.02-20.03.2923 (on Mondays) – virtual

• IAU Symposium 378: Black hole winds at all scales – 12-16.03.2023 – Haifa/IL

• IAU Symposium (IAUS) 380 Cosmic Masers: Proper Motion toward the Next-Generation Large Projects – 20-24.03.2023 – Kagoshima City/JP (hybrid)

• New Eyes on the Universe: SKA & ngVLA – 30.04.-05.05.2023 – Vancouver/CA

• Astronomy Education Conference (AstroEdu): Bridging Research & Practice – 10-12.05.2023 – Toronto/CA

• Bologna-VLBI: Life begins at 40! New frontiers and scientific challenges with enhanced frequency/time/space – 22-26.05.2023 – Bologna/IT

• 4th Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science - Astrophysics of Transiting Exoplanets  22-26.05.2023 – Vietri sul Mare, Italy

• Transient Universe 2023 – 30.05-09.06.2023 – Corsica/FR

• CASA VLBI Workshop – 05-09.06.2023 – Dwingeloo/NL

• 11th VLTI Interferometry School – 12-17.06.2023 – Budapest/HU

• EAS 2023 – 10-14.07.2023 – Krakow/PL

• IAU Symposium 365: Dynamics of Solar and Stellar Convection Zones and Atmospheres – 21-25.08.2023 – Moscow/RU

• European ALMA school - 04-08.09.2023 – Manchester/UK

• ALMA at 10 years: Past, Present, and Future – 04-08.12.2023Puerto Varas/CL

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