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WP4.3 Strategy & Policy forum (SPOOR):

The SPOOR activities build upon the output of the previous RadioNet3 project and the recommendations of the ASTRONET ERTRC report. SPOOR explores with the RadioNet Board, the EVN Board and other relevant bodies across Europe the best way forward into the next decade for European Radio Astronomy. SPOOR focuses on recommendations 7 and 8 of the ERTRC report:

7. We recommend that local and national radio institutes remain independent, as local support and expertise centres for radio astronomy, but that their joint activities, such as EVN and RadioNet, become more robustly and permanently organised and funded (but not through the same body that organises the European participation in the SKA).

8. We recommend that the European involvement in the SKA be organised through a treaty organisation that is robustly mandated and funded, to ensure the strongest impact of and participation in SKA by Europe. The ERTRC considers ESO to be a prime candidate to be that organisation.

SPOOR addresses the next steps for arriving at a sustained approach for European collaboration, including EVN, SKA and CRAF and going beyond the traditional sources of EC funding.

A sustained platform for strategy and policy discussions under agreed governance beyond the RadioNet project is also addressed.