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RadioNet project ended on December 31, 2020.

WP2 Dissemination supports exchange of knowledge in all directions (scientific, technical, industry):

  • Provides a platform for the most effective promotion of the scientific highlights and the developments on the technological front within the context of the RadioNet infrastructures and activities,
  • Strengthens the collaboration of European radio astronomy engineers with industry through a transfer of knowledge to the next generation of scientists and engineers and to the less experienced institutes.

          NOTE: RadioNet activity Dissemination supports scientific and technical events. Regular calls for support are issued twice a year.

WP3 Training equips scientists and engineers with the skills essential to take full advantage of the present and future radio astronomical infrastructures by:

  • Offering a focussed set of schools and forums, to present cutting-edge results from RadioNet infrastructures and to exchange best practises,
  • Providing a dedicated support programme for visitors to the European ALMA Regional Centre nodes
  • Encouraging mobility (staff exchange) and so reinforcing the contact between the different groups: astronomers, engineers and industry.

NOTE: RadioNet activity Training supports training events , visits to European ARC Nodes, support for ALMA Users and Staff exchange.

WP4 Sustainability enhances the future radio astronomical research in Europe with a focus on:

  • Standardization of VLBI operations and equipment at EVN and GMVA observatories to enhance the quality of the received data. Training and development are key elements, which will be shared by the TOG and GMVA technical groups on a regular basis.
  • Protection and maintenance of the radio spectrum for radio astronomy to enable radioastronomical observations, which are sensitive enough to contribute significantly to relevant science goals (Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies – CRAF).
  • Establishment of a formal platform in which European radio astronomy institutes and organisations come together and discuss the broad coordination of the field in areas related to strategic planning and other high-level policy matters.