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Summary: RadioNet conducts outreach and disseminates information about news and developments relevant to and in the interest of the partners and the radio astronomy community, especially for the

  • RadioNet partners
  • relevant scientific & technical community
  • relevant policy makers & organisations with overlap in the scientific and/or political scope
  • European Commission
  • general public and interested parties


  • general RadioNet description
  • relevant events
  • scientific & technical results
  • funding opportunities
  • relevant publications
  • EC policy developments
  • job opportunities in the RadioNet community


  • RadioNet project Coordinator and MGT team
  • RadioNet partner institutions
  • European Commission

Sources of information:

  • material generated within the scope of MGT team activities
  • material provided by RadioNet partners or stakeholders
    • on general or targeted request
    • from monitoring/researching relevant social media, newsletter, etc.

Channels: The RadioNet MGT team distributes the information using

  • the webpage: describes the RadioNet scope, goals, tasks, results, events, etc. in form of
    • static reference material
    • news items as blog entries
  • twitter: Information is distributed via twitter in a short and concise form (updates on RadioNet and also re-distribution of news of the partners & community members & stakeholders)
  • newsletter: Information is distributed periodically (initially monthly) to a managed subscribers mailing list
  • participation of MGT team members in relevant events