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RadioNet came to an end on 31 December 2020, completing over 20 years of a remarkably successful series of EU-supported projects. During these years, RadioNet evolved into a widely-recognized consortium offering competitive European infrastructures in the range from sub-mm to meter waves. RadioNet also fostered Europe-wide collaboration in innovative technical development and it helped to train numerous researchers in obtaining and interpreting their astronomical data. This has significantly increased and strengthened our community, and also firmly established the broad awareness about our infrastructures.

The presentations from RadioNet’s last Board meeting provide a comprehensive overview of our programme and achievements. It is evident that RadioNet has changed the European astronomical landscape as well as the astronomy community and the European Commission can be proud of all that our collaboration has achieved. Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to everyone involved!

We are looking forward to a continuation of our joint activities as we are now going forward, transforming RadioNet into a MoU based consortium, dedicated to maintaining our widely recognized brand and to exploring and pursuing new cooperative opportunities of common interest.

Anton Zensus (RadioNet Coordinator)


Official inauguration of NOEMA

Eight years after its first antenna was inaugurated in 2014, the major astronomical project is now complete: NOEMA is now the new major facility for radio astronomy in Europe. It consists of twelve 15-meter antennas [...]

ERIS 2022

The ERIS 2022 took place on 19-23 September 2022 in Dwingeloo/NL, hosted by JIVE and ASTRON. Over 70 students participated and had a week of lectures and tutorials on how to achieve scientific results from [...]

e-MERLIN cycle 15: Call is open now

The e-Merlin call for proposals for Cycle 15 is now open. Details specific to Cycle 15 are available here. Use the e-MERLIN proposal tool to submit your proposal. Access/funding is offered through the ORP (Opticon RadioNet [...]

DESCA Model Consortium Agreement

DESCA, the most widespread model Consortium Agreement in Horizon 2020, has now been updated for use in Horizon Europe projects. The revised model takes into account requirements stemming from the rules of the new EU [...]

LMT Call for Proposals open for the semester 2023-S1

Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) Call for Proposals for the semester 2023-S1 is open. The schedule for the next observing season (2023-S1) is January 2 – June 30, 2023. Deadline: October 22,  2022, 05:00 UTC Image: [...]

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