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This page contains training material from the RadioNet supported schools. This material is meant to prepare users to work with the RadioNet infrastructures.

  1. ALMA community days and workshops – these are partly based on tools, data and material available via the ALMA science portal and CASA guides, additional material at Community Days 2017 and ALMA conference
  2. VLBI tools in CASA – these have now been released in CASA 5.3
  3. ASTA – advanced software tools are curated by individual ARC nodes (see listing of tools and links to ARCNodes. Presentations are here
  4. Self-calibration and advanced imaging talks and tutorial materials are here
  5. ERIS talks and tutorials ERIS 2017, ERIS 2019 which form an introductory radio interferometry course. ERIS manual for organizers
  6. Submillimetre Single-dish Data Reduction and Array Combination Techniques materials have been published via Zenodo and are available under link
  7. IRAM-led schools provide mm-wave interferometry and single dish teaching materials.
  8. The Dublin interferometry data processing school scripts and data are especially relevant for e-MERLIN and ALMA.
  9. The CESRA materials are at 2018 school