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Most RadioNet beneficiaries have subscribed to their national diversity charters. For any matters affecting only a single partner, the national or institutional charter of diversity of this partner will apply.

For matters involving more than one RadioNet partner, the RadioNet charter will apply. This has been modified in the spirit of the “German Cooperate Charter”.

In particular, the RadioNet charter declares that:

The implementation of the Charter of Diversity in our organization aims at creating a work environment free of prejudice.

We deeply respect all colleagues irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, disability, age, and sexual preference and identity.

We foster an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual trust. This will have positive effects on our reputation with our partners and customers in Europe and in other countries in the world. In the framework of this Charter we are committed to

  1. fostering a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation of every single individual. We seek to create conditions such that everyone (superiors and coworkers) respects, practices and acknowledges these values. This will require explicit support from leaders and superiors.
  2. validating and ensuring that our human resource processes are compatible with the diverse competencies, abilities and talents of our employees, as well as with our own performance standards.
  3. recognising the diversity of society inside and outside our organisation, appreciating the intrinsic potential residing in it, and endeavouring to utilise it profitably for our business or organisation.
  4. ensuring that the implementation of the Charter will be a subject of internal and external communication.
  5. publicizing in the reporting to the EC our activities and progress in promoting diversity.
  6. and keeping our own employees and colleagues informed about diversity and actively involved in implementing the Charter.

All RadioNet partners believe in practicing, supporting and appreciating diversity is a key value that facilitates the achievement of our common goals.

Download the document: RadioNet-diversity-charter

Approved by the RadioNet Board on July 4, 2017