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The International Pulsar Timing Array (IPTA) is a world wide collaboration, made of the contributions of three continental consortia: EPTA in Europe, PPTA in Australia and NanoGRAV in the US. Its primary goal is to detect gravitational waves (GW) in the Nanohertz regime using radio pulsar timing observations.

We propose to gather the main contributors to the IPTA data combination and gravitational wave analysis for an operational workshop, held in Meudon Observatory (France). The IPTA Hack Weeks give the opportunity to confront new algorithms and state of the art detection strategies.The goals of our 2019 busy week will be to explore various noise and gravitational wave models using available combined pulsar timing data coming from the various radio telescopes, while at the same time allow a leap in the data combination of new millisecond pulsars observed using the last generation of pulsar backends.

The event is supoprted by RadioNet.

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