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Job vacancy at ALMA / Santiago de Chile: Postdoctoral Fellows

The Joint ALMA Observatory is offering two postdoctoral fellowship positions to join the ALMA science operations group in Santiago, Chile. ALMA Postdoctoral Fellows will be appointed for a period of three years and will spend 50% of their time dedicated to their personal scientific research. The remaining time will be spent in support of ALMA operations, including observing at [...]

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KIPAC PAVES Program: New program for Astrophysics Visitor Exchange at Stanford

A new visitor exchange program at Stanford has been recently initiated. Find more information about the program here. Applications are now open for the first KIPAC PAVES Program, which is aimed at increasing scientific interactions in the areas of ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY between members of KIPAC at Stanford University and SLAC, and researchers primarily in CENTRAL AND [...]

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RadioNet co-funded that Lofar Solar and Space Weather Busy Week 2019, 21-25.10.2019 in Dwingeloo

The Lofar Solar and Space Weather Busy Week 2019, 21-25.10.2019  started yesterday in Dwingeloo, hosted by the RadioNet partner ASTRON. This will be a busy week on tutorials and data analysis, which will be mainly focussed on two aspects, Solar data reduction and Heliospheric data reduction. The busy week is organised to coordinate the PSP/LOFAR [...]

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Job Vacancy at IRAM: Postdoctoral Research Position in Millimeter Astronomy

IRAM is seeking a qualified candidate for a position in the NOEMA Science Operations Group (SOG). The candidate is expected to invest 50% of the time on z-GAL, an international project aimed at investigating the nature and physical properties of the brightest submillimeter galaxies in the Herschel surveys (H-ATLAS and HerMES). The candidate will also [...]

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From observation to dissemination – RadioNet Transnational user A. Zavagno reports

My research field deals with the formation of high mass stars. I am interested in the role of already formed high mass stars (and their associated ionized - HII - regions) on the possible formation of a new generation of (high mass) stars. The many available infrared and submillimetre surveys have revealed the important of [...]

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News at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy/Bonn: Neutrino produced in a cosmic collider far away- Link between IceCube neutrino event and distant radio galaxy resolved

An international team of researchers led by Silke Britzen from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany, studied high-resolution radio observations of the source between 2009 and 2018, before and after the neutrino event. The results are published in „Astronomy & Astrophysics“, October 02, 2019. Read the article here    

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RadioNet Board meeting

The RadioNet Board meeting is taking place today in the Harnack House in Berlin. A group of very dedicated and experienced scientists/radio astronomers meeting in an amicable atmosphere, reporting on the last year's achievements and developing ideas for the future of Radio Astronomy. First time with the RadioNet Board, by videoconference is Mina Koleva, the new RadioNet [...]

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The black hole picture worth 3M$

On September 5, 2019 the Breakthrough prize in fundamental Physics was awarded to the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration. The EHT revealed on April 10, 2019 - the first ever image of the black hole, which shows the 6 billion solar masses black hole at the centre of the galaxy Messier 87 located around 55 [...]

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YERAC 2019 kicked off

The Young European Radio Astronomers Conference 2019  kicked off on  26th August in Dublin - hosted by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, held at Trinity College Dublin and funded by RadioNet / H2020, to promote the work, and professional development, of young radio astronomers in Europe. Social media: @YERAC2019 & @RadioNet_EU Eventpage here.

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