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International LOFAR Telescope Regular Proposal Call

The International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) is a powerful next-generation radio telescope for frequencies below 240 MHz that offers revolutionary new observing capabilities thanks to its phased-array technology with digital beam-forming. LOFAR delivers correlated visibility data for synthesis imaging, plus in/coherently added single and multiple station data (several beam-formed modes) as well as transient buffer read-out, [...]

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BREXIT No-Deal-Scenario

Brexit Preparedness: European Commission adopts final set of “no-deal” contingency measures for Erasmus+ students, social security coordination rules and the EU budget Brussels, 30 January 2019 European Commission - Press release Given the increasing risk that the United Kingdom may leave the EU on 30 March this year without a deal (a “no-deal” scenario), the [...]

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RadioNet Calls for support open until February 1, 2019 – 5pm CET

RadioNet has defined wide-ranging networking measures for the dissemination of scientific and technical results, as well as for training, scientific exchange and cooperation with industry. We are issuing calls addressing different communities and offering the possibility of financial support for Organisers of: Scientific events Technical events Training events Individual: Transnational Access users to attend international [...]

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25th anniversary of the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC

On December 21st, 1993, the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE) was created by the European Consortium for VLBI. Its deed as a Foundation under Dutch law was signed by the directors of five European radio observatories, inspired by the vision of Richard Schilizzi, who became its first director. He recognised the potential of [...]

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Upcoming downtime at VLBA Saint Croix

Dear VLBA users, As most of you probably know, the VLBA antenna on the island of Saint Croix was hit by a pair of hurricanes in September, 2017. After 6 months, primarily in restoring electrical power and internet services to the island, the antenna was returned to service. The VLBA received disaster relief funding to [...]

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RadioAstron Announcement of Opportunity – 7

The space VLBI Mission RadioAstron, led by the Astro Space Center (ASC) of Lebedev Physical Institute, provides a range of specific and unique capabilities for detecting and imaging sources of cosmic radio emission at the highest angular resolution. The optimal utilization of these capabilities relies on the construction and execution of a balanced scientific program [...]

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RadioNet has passed successfully the Mid Term Review

18 months after RadioNet started the management and the task leaders reported to an independent reviewer appointed by the European Commission on the progress made in the different RadioNet activities, such as Transnational Access, Joint Research Activities or Networking. While this is a requirement to obtain continued funding, RadioNet viewed this as a welcome [...]

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JOB Offer: NRAO Socorro/USA

The NRAO is recruiting two scientific staff positions to be located in Socorro, NM, the home of the Domenici Science  Operations  Center,  which  houses  the  scientific,  engineering,  technical,  computer  and  support  staff for both the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) and the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA). The Science  Operations  Center  also  houses  [...]

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The HI/Story of the Nearby Universe – Registration open

RadioNet supports a 3-day workshop 'The HI/Story of the Nearby Universe' in Groningen on September 10-12, at ASTRON in Dwingeloo to celebrate the career of Thijs van der Hulst and to look forward to the scientific exploitation of forthcoming HI imaging surveys with the SKA pathfinders and precursors.  An attractive scientific program includes ten invited [...]

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