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Special session at EAS2020 in Leiden: SS6 “Multiwavelength polarization of blazar jets”, on June 20, 2020

Special session SS6 “Multiwavelength polarization of blazar jets”, on June 20 at the EAS2020 in Leiden. Blazars are among the most intriguing and consistently bright objects in the observable Universe. They are the most extreme class of active galactic nuclei with powerful relativistic jets that can extend out to kpc-scales from the central engine. Despite [...]

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North-European Radio Astronomy School 2020, May 25-29, 2020 in Nuuksio national park in Southern Finland

RadioNet is co-sponsor of the North-European Radio Astronomy School 2020, organized by Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO (FINCA), University of Turku Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory. It will be held in May 25-29, 2020 at Solvalla national sports center in Nuuksio national park in Southern Finland. The school [...]

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EAS Special Session 16: Registering the Universe at the highest spatial accuracy

Special Session “Registering the Universe at the highest spatial accuracy” will take place on June 29, 2020 at the EAS2020 in Leiden. Scope is to highlight the scientific impact of combining high spatial resolution (VLBI) radio data with information from multi-wavelength and/or multi-messenger observations. The session covers a wide range of astronomical topics, as well [...]

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SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: Extra-Galactic Jets at All Scales : Launching, Propagation, Termination in Heidelberg/DE, June 15-19, 2020

The conference "Extra-Galactic Jets at All Scales : Launching, Propagation, Termination”, jointly organized by  MPIA  Heidelberg and IIT Indore will occur on June 15-19, 2020 in Heidelberg/DE. Abstract submission and registration deadline : February 15, 2020 Details on the conference page.

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VLBI Session @ URSI GASS 2020, 29.8.-5.9.2020 in Rome/IT

As part of the URSI General Assembly and Scientific symposium 2020, the session J04 "Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)" which will take place. Website of the conference here. Very Long Baseline radio Interferometry (VLBI) is a mature technique, whose applications in astronomy, geodesy and planetary sciences are unique now that the need for milliarcsecond angular resolution and for extremely [...]

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IUCAF 5th School on Spectrum Management for Radio Astronomy, March 2-6, 2020 in Stellenbosch

IUCAF and the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), together with CRAF and RadioNet are pleased to note that the Fifth IUCAF Spectrum Management School for Radio Astronomy will occur in Stellenbosch, South Africa 2 - 6 March 2020. IUCAF spectrum management schools were previously held in 2002 (Green Bank, USA), 2005 (Dosso, Italy), 2010 [...]

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CALL FOR e-MERLIN PROPOSALS – Cycle-10 & EVN+e-MERLIN Observations

CALL FOR e-MERLIN PROPOSALS - Cycle-10  e-MERLIN requests proposals from the international astronomical community for observations to be made during Cycle-10. Proposals are competitively peer-reviewed under standard STFC rules by the PATT e-MERLIN Time Allocation Committee. Allocation will be made on the basis of scientific merit and technical feasibility alone. Research areas here. Full call [...]

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Job Opportunity at JBCA: Lecturer in Radio Astronomy

Applications are invited for a Lectureship in Radio Astronomy for appointment in 2020. The University of Manchester is seeking to appoint an astrophysicist with an outstanding record of research in the field of radio astronomy. In particular, the focus is on candidates with an outstanding record of exploiting radio interferometers, including long baseline arrays. The [...]

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Call for proposals for the VLA, the VLBA, HSA, and the GMVA

Proposal submission deadline is Feb 3, 2020. Recent updates to the VLBA capabilities announced in this Call for Proposals include: * Availability of 4 Gbps recording (512 MHz dual pol.) in most observing modes * Opportunity for increased user support * A new "Guide to Proposing for the VLBA (and HSA/Global VLBI)" Links for more [...]

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