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Lifting the veil on the black hole at the heart of our Galaxy

ALMA and the Global mm-VLBI Array team up and provide first scientific results Including the powerful ALMA into an array of telescopes for the first time, astronomers have found that the emission from the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) at the center of our Galaxy comes from a smaller region than previously thought. [...]

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Observational Astrophysics: from proposals to publication

The school Observational Astrophysics: from proposals to publication, on June 17-27, 2019 at the Astronomical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Stará Lesná, Slovak Republic is mainly meant for PhD students in astronomy, but also MSc students in the later stages of their studies and young postdocs can be considered. It is  jointly organised by [...]

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Eating VLBI workshop 2019

The Italian and East Asia VLBI community will meet again on April15-17, 2019 in Bologna/IT, for ample discussion and presentation of the latest results in the field of radio loud Active Galactic Nuclei, with a focus on activities related to the Event Horizon Telescope observations. Science topics will also include other astrophysical systems, like star forming regions, [...]

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European VLBI Network (EVN) – Call for Proposals open

Observing proposals are invited for the European VLBI Network (EVN). The EVN facility is open to all astronomers. We particularly encourage astronomers with limited or no VLBI experience to apply for observing time. EVN User Support on proposal preparation, scheduling, correlation, data reduction and analysis can be requested at the Joint institute for VLBI ERIC [...]

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Call for proposals GLOBAL 3mm VLBI Array open

VLBI proposals for observing at 3mm wavelength (86 GHz) using the VLBA,  GBT,  Effelsberg,  Pico Veleta,  Onsala,  Metsaehovi, Yebes and KVN telescopes should be submitted by                         1 FEBRUARY 2019 (UT 22:00). All proposals should be submitted using the NRAO proposal submission tool (PST). [...]

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RadioNet Calls for support open until February 1, 2019 – 5pm CET

RadioNet has defined wide-ranging networking measures for the dissemination of scientific and technical results, as well as for training, scientific exchange and cooperation with industry. We are issuing calls addressing different communities and offering the possibility of financial support for Organisers of: Scientific events Technical events Training events Individual: Transnational Access users to attend international [...]

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