2019 NEON Observing School

//2019 NEON Observing School

2019 NEON Observing School

The 2019 NEON Observing School is hosted by the Rozhen Observatory in Bulgaria September 15-29. During the second week of the school, which will take place in Sofia, a Hot Topics Conference will also take place.

The NEON observing school will provide lectures on observing techniques and hands-on observing experience on professional telescopes. During it students will, together with an experienced tutor, go through all the steps from planning and carrying out the observations to reducing and analysing the obtained data.

In the Hot Topics conference you will learn about the newest developments in astrophysics, and also on how to write observing time proposal and scientific papers.

More information about the 2019 NEON Observing school here.

Deadline for applications Friday May 3

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