CASA-VLBI workshop – final announcement

//CASA-VLBI workshop – final announcement

CASA-VLBI workshop – final announcement

Registration will close on 15 July.
This is the second and final announcement for the CASA-VLBI workshop which will be hosted at JIVE in October 2017.
Following several years of development, the VLBI toolkit for the CASA package is ready to meet the users. For this purpose, JIVE is organising a RadioNet training event. This will be a highly interactive workshop, where participants are trained in the use of the new tools, expected to apply them to a dataset of their choice, and provide feedback on future development.

The workshop will take place from 2-6 October at JIVE in Dwingeloo (NL). Due to the interactive nature and limited supply of tutors, at most 10 participants can be hosted at this time. They will be selected based on their current experience in VLBI data processing, and to cover different VLBI instruments. Experience with Python scripting and use of CASA is highly desirable. Participants from underrepresented minorities and developing countries are especially encouraged to apply.

Registration and more information here

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