East Asian VLBI Workshop 2018 (EAVW 2018) in PyeongChang, Korea

//East Asian VLBI Workshop 2018 (EAVW 2018) in PyeongChang, Korea

East Asian VLBI Workshop 2018 (EAVW 2018) in PyeongChang, Korea

The EAVW 2018 will take place on 4-7 September 2018 and will be hosted by the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute.

Since the 1st East Asia VLBI Workshop (EAVW2008) held at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), China, the EAVW2018 is the 11th workshop. In particular, this time will be a special meaningful workshop for actual scientific discussions and collaborations. It is because the First Call for Proposal for the East Asia VLBI Network (EAVN) was announced in April and its official operation starts from September 2018.

The EAVW2018 will include recent progress and status of EAVN and focus on various VLBI science topics in the fields of AGN, evolved stars, star-forming regions, and Galactic astrometry etc. In addition, Extended KVN project has been promoted based on the successful operational results of the 1st step KVN project. The Shanghai 65m Tianma telescope has started full operation and the 110m telescope (QiTai radio telescope: QTT) by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory will begin construction. Furthermore, the Thailand 40m telescope by NARIT begins to be built and the Greenland telescope by ASIAA starts to enhance the capability of Submillimeter VLBI.

These rapid developments of East Asian radio astronomy will lead to close VLBI collaborations in both science and instrumentation at the EAVW2018.

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