GLOBAL 3mm VLBI Array – Call for proposals

//GLOBAL 3mm VLBI Array – Call for proposals

GLOBAL 3mm VLBI Array – Call for proposals

VLBI proposals for observing at 3mm wavelength (86 GHz) using: the VLBA,  GBT*,  EFFELSBERG,  PICO VELETA,  ONSALA,  METSAEHOVI, YEBES  and  KVN  telescopes should be submitted by  1 AUGUST 2018 (UT 21:00)


Successful proposals will be considered for scheduling in GMVA  Session I 2019 (4-9 April) or in a later session.
** Proposals for GMVA+ALMA observations may NOT be submitted  at this deadline.


In order to maximize the sensitivity for continuum observations the GMVA will record at the highest bitrate which instrumentation and resources permit. All telescopes will record at 2 Gbps except for the KVN, which will record in a compatible 1 Gbps mode. All data will be correlated at the Bonn DiFX software correlator.

 * The GBT may be requested for GMVA observations if a sufficiently compelling justification is given in the proposal but the amount of time available will be reduced compared to earlier observing semesters, and observing blocks greater than 6 hours will be very difficult to schedule.
The KVN can be selected using the “Other Stations” text field in the PST.

For further details on proposing, including the possibility of additional support observations at 7mm (43 GHz), please consult
the administrative and technical information hosted at the MPIfR

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