IPTA 2017 Science Week

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IPTA 2017 Science Week

The International Pulsar Timing Array (IPTA) is a world wide
collaboration, made of the contributions of three continental consortia:
EPTA in Europe, PPTA in Australia and NanoGRAV in the US. Its primary goal
is to detect gravitational waves in the Nanohertz regime using radio
pulsar timing observations.

The European part of the collaboration is supported by radionet since its
foundation in Autumn 2006. This year the annual IPTA conference takes
place in France. The defining moment of the meeting will be the open day
about multi-messenger gravitational wave astronomy on Wednesday, gathering
some invited speakers from connected fields, and covering the last results
from either LIGO/Virgo, LISA collaboration, CMB polarization B-modes,
gravitational antena MIGA, GRAVITY experiment at VLT, or of courses the
Pulsar Timing Array across the world.

On the picture, you see Li Di, project scientist of FAST, presenting the last
news from the newborn giant radio telescope in China.

More information here: http://ipta.phys.wvu.edu


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