News of EIGE on Gender Equality & COVID-19

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News of EIGE on Gender Equality & COVID-19

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) published a webpage to raise  awareness about some of the gendered impacts that Covid-19 is having on our society. The information draws on EIGE’s existing research and gender statistics to highlight the different realities that women and men could be facing in light of this pandemic.

There is also the EIGE’s Gender Equality Glossary & Thesaurus, a a specialised terminology tool focusing on the area of gender equality. It aims to foster a common understanding of gender equality terms across the EU and promote gender-fair and inclusive language to improve equality between women and men.  

Also interesting in this context is the Gender Statistics Database. This database contains gender statistics from all over the European Union (EU) and beyond, at the EU, Member State and European level. It is aimed at providing statistical evidence which can be used to support and complement the European Commission’s (EC) Strategy on Gender Equality and support the Member States to monitor their progress.




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