RadioNet supported successful ADASS conference

//RadioNet supported successful ADASS conference

RadioNet supported successful ADASS conference

From November 8 to 12, 2020, the Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems  (ADASS) conference, which was originally planned to be organized in Granada, Spain, was held online due to the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic. RadioNet has contributed financial support to make this new format a success for the 580 registered participants.

The annual Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) conference is the premier conference for the exchange of information about astronomical software. ADASS is very much in line with the RadioNet goals. It provides a unique forum to astronomers, software engineers, and data scientists to advance astronomical data analysis tools and techniques for the scientific exploitation and handling of astronomical data in all bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio to X-ray.

The event was not only cross-disciplinary because of its multi-wavelength nature, but also because it discusses topics relevant to various technical areas of astronomy, ranging from multi-wavelength astronomy, open data access and provisioning, data science challenges, data visualization, delivery of accessible and science-ready radio data, local and global cloud infrastructure for processing and storage, data discovery across heterogeneous datasets, telescope operations and scheduling, evolution of software development and management, and data processing pipelines.

The 2020 ADASS conference was organized by IRAM, and the IAA. The active participation of several other RadioNet partners ensured that radio astronomical infrastructures and software were brought to the attention of the broad software engineer community attending the conference, from both other astronomical institutes and industry. This way, communication in both directions has been realized, with an enormous potential impact for the development of new collaborations and realization of software solutions.

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