VLBI Session @ URSI GASS 2020, 29.8.-5.9.2020 in Rome/IT

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VLBI Session @ URSI GASS 2020, 29.8.-5.9.2020 in Rome/IT

As part of the URSI General Assembly and Scientific symposium 2020, the session J04 “Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)” which will take place. Website of the conference here.

Very Long Baseline radio Interferometry (VLBI) is a mature technique, whose applications in astronomy, geodesy and planetary sciences are unique now that the need for milliarcsecond angular resolution and for extremely accurate localisation are the ultimate frontiers for some of the hottest scientific areas. For this reason, VLBI is in the heart of some of the most advanced present and future instruments and developments (EHT, ngVLA, SKA, VGOS).

This session will bring together experts in each field of application, to provide a view of the state-of-the-art and the desired developments, and to assess the central relevance of VLBI in the continuously evolving landscape of astrophysics, Earth and planetary sciences.

Invited speakers: Se-Hyung. Cho (KASI), Jose Luis Gomez (IAA-CSIC), Alet de Witt (SARAO), Kazi Rygl (IRA-INAF), James Anderson (GFZ), Tatiana Bocanegra (JPL-NASA).


Deadline for abstract submission:  January 31, 2020. Abstract submission here.



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