YERAC2019: Registration is open

//YERAC2019: Registration is open

YERAC2019: Registration is open

YERAC2019 is conference is hosted by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and held at Trinity College Dublin. Like in the past, RadioNetis the main sponsor of the YERAC, to promote the work, and professional development, of young radio astronomers in Europe.

The organizers invite PhD students and early-career (within 5 years of PhD) postdoctoral researchers from all over Europe to apply. This includes any country from Russia in the East to Portugal in the west, plus affiliates of the European VLBI Network, RadioNet or other current bodies. A total of 30 places will be allocated on a competitive basis by our scientific organizing committee.

All attendees will be expected to submit an abstract for a talk about their work. Registration and Abstract submission is OPEN until 10th May 2019. There are no registration fees for this event.


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