IAUS333: Peering towards Cosmic Dawn

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IAUS333: Peering towards Cosmic Dawn

Today started the 333rd IAU Symposium in Dubrovnik, Croatia organised by Ruđer Bošković Institute (Croatia)
and University of Groningen (The Netherlands). More than 80 participants will discuss some of the major results
from the current Epoch of Reionization (EoR) experiments (e.g. LOFAR, MWA and PAPER), constraints
on when and where the first sources formed in the early Universe and began (re)ionizing the predominantly
neutral all-pervasive intergalactic medium, the cutting edge auxiliary foreground science,
and future directions in this field of research (e.g. HERA and SKA).

The IAUS333 has received generous funding from the International Astronomical Union, RadioNet, University
of Groningen, ASTRON – The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, Ministry of Science and Education of
the Republic of Croatia, and Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Foundation.

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